Minor in Possession Cases

There is a law in all US states that prohibits anyone below the age of 21 years from buying and being in possession of alcohol.

The punishments might differ from one state to another but they generally include jail terms, fines, loss of one’s driving license, probation among others.

At times, it could result in a permanent conviction on that minor’s record. The law is quite serious on this and there are usually many crackdowns on those minors in possession of alcohol.

How Are MIP or DWI Charges Filed?

In the event that some minors throw a party, it is not uncommon for the police to raid the party in search of alcohol.

In the event that they find it, it could result in all those minors being charged for being in possession of alcohol, including those that did not engage in the actual drinking of the alcohol.

There are also charges for the minors who try to purchase alcohol by falsifying their ages or using fake IDs.

Less Severe Penalties for DWI or MIP

Despite the stiff penalties, there are other more lenient penalties that may be imposed on the minor like community service or they may be asked to attend alcohol safety classes to help them reform.

If the minor is lucky, they could have all the charges dropped and the case expunged.

Classes regarding alcohol and alcoholism may be required.

The minor would then be placed under a probation period to observe them before the case is dropped.

Expungement As An Option for MIP or DWI

Expungement is the process of having all the charges dropped and the case records destroyed which gives the charged a clean slate in the eyes of the judiciary.

Expungement is important for the minor as having previous alcohol convictions may deny the minor a chance in college or even job vacancies.

It may also lead to them losing their licenses or even never getting one.